Fans will call every play in the Fan Controlled Football league and can own a piece of teams alongside celebrity owners and venture capitalists. A defunct team, in this case, refers to a team which has had the rights to have a team returned to the NFL (or league collective at the time). In fact, the original lineup of Arena Football 1, the league that morphed into the revived AFL, included more af2 teams than former AFL teams. UEFA have slapped the club with a huge fine in addition to AEK's ban from European football. CFL–Continental Football League (1965–1969) FXFL–Fall Experimental Football League (2014–2015) IFL–Indoor Football League (1999–2000) Note that some of these football clubs that formed before 1866 (see Laws of Australian football) may not have originally played the game known today as Australian rules football.It is more than likely that most of these clubs were influenced the Melbourne Rules of 1859 which were the … In the early years, the NFL was not stable and teams moved frequently to survive, or were folded only to be resurrected in a different city … clubs that almost folded CHELSEA: 1982 and 2003 Long before the embarrassment of riches oil tycoon Roman Abramovich brought to Chelsea, they were terribly close to folding in the early '80s. The Arena Football League — which lasted more than 30 years since it first arrived in 1987 — announced Wednesday that it will file for Chapter 7 … The Colts , Cowboys , Giants , Lions , Panthers , and Texans franchises listed on this page are not the current franchises of those names. Football Ground Map > Football Grounds > Old/Folded Teams Map of Old/Folded Teams stadiums You have reached the maximum number of maps which a non-register user can view in a 24-hour period. Derby are the only County to have won English football’s top division, having done so twice in the 1970s. Throughout the years, a number of teams in the National Football League (NFL) have either moved or merged.. REVEALED: The football teams to have fallen the furthest down the league ladder. Many of the teams in the revived AFL are former af2 teams. This is a chronological list of Australian rules football clubs since their formation.. The Alliance’s eight teams, clustered in the Southeast and Southwest, began play after the Super Bowl. Like City and Town, the name simply comes from the area that the club … No NFL franchise has folded since 1952.