The content may not be used, reproduced or copied without the prior express written consent of If you can retrieve the Crucible, you can use it to close The Well and shut down the Argent Tower permanently from inside Hell. Item Amount Argent cells: 1 Combat support drones: 1 Elite guards: 2 Rune trials: None Secrets: 3 Collectibles . There are three secrets, two Elite Guards, one field drone, and one argent cell … The expedition to this area was again met with extreme violence and resulted in the loss of all human life, but UAC Scout-Bots were able to return valuable information. You reclaimed the Crucible and are returning to Mars. Won-qu waited by the tomb for his master's return and was ordered to protect it as he left. Gosu Noob Copyright © 2012-2020 All Rights Reserved. The Rune Trials all have a challenge that requires you to use a certain weapon. With this power, the vessel's weapons can break the wall of Antorus, the … 57. The Crucible is also the name of the eleventh mission that takes place in this level. Among them there will be Data Logs, Elite Guards, Collectibles and Argent Cell. Reduce … 0. While defeating the forces of Hell, you’ll come across hidden collectibles and, at the end of your path, you’ll face Crucible guardians. The Hazmatguy will appear on the ground where the spawn cube lands. The Crucible, a central plot item in Doom (2016) and in Doom Eternal, is an artifact from Argent D'Nur which wields mysterious control over the Argent energy reserves of Hell, capable of shutting down—and apparently reactivating—the source of that energy known as the Well. Dunstan has crafted the armor, and now he just needs the research from Vianna to complete the project. Produced from materials including clay and rice husks, it resembles a tall, roughly moulded beaker, but where it’s been cut in two its neatly cylindrical interior is obvious. Post Comment. It appears as a compact skull-like ornament connected to a base by a central handle. (and indeed found a secret). This will allow you to avoid taking damage. (and indeed found a secret). Right after grabbing the blue skull I go through the green portal on the other side of the hall. The level starts near the place with yellow and blue door. Quickly run as far away as possible when the beast starts hitting the ground with its weapon. After ascending the spiral … The point is that the barrier around the portal closes immediately after passing and cannot be re … After a while I decided to go back through the same portal to maybe find some additional stuff, secret etc. You need to complete waves 26-50 in the crucible to get this armor. Objectives: Close The Well. Defeating all three of the Hell guards allows the Slayer to at last reclaim it, after which he encounters the spirits of five of the Night Sentinels in a green, ghostly form. In the libraries of the Lazarus Labs, you learned of an artifact that can sever the connection between our two worlds known as the Crucible. There are two secret chests and two secret areas, which can be accessed by activating Loose Torches. It would originally have had a lid like a pepper pot, Juleff explains. Hey there, I'm on the mission Reclaim the crucible. Crucible of Secrets book. Your objective is to head to the Lazarus Labs and reclaim the Argent Accumulator in order to get back to Hell and reclaim the Crucible so you can shut down the Hell portal for good. It is easier to avoid them from distance. You must stop them and reclaim the … Commander Clyver of the Knights of the Crucible has a plan to address the shortage of trained soldiers. Destroy the gore nests (4 in total) STOP THE MELTDOWN. Free delivery on millions of items with Prime. Doom 2016: Walkthrough, Collectables Guide, and Hidden Secrets. Share: Tags: Doom 2016. Continue Reading on: Page 1 Page 2 Page 3. – Thanks for visiting! DOOM 2016 Walkthrough continues on Page 3 with Mission 11: The Necropolis. The shattered remnants of the city of Argent within a mysterious world long ago conquered by the demons, crushed by the Icon of Sin, and absorbed into Hell, it was the home of the Night Sentinels and the location from which the Doom Slayer is thought to have gained immense power for fighting against the demonic hordes. You can travel to the Crucible regardless of the currently occupied area, because it's visible on all four world maps. After a while I decided to go back through the same portal to maybe find some additional stuff, secret etc.