I don’t really remember anything after that. All very fractal and beautiful. Your subconscious uses these extinct creatures to speak of something that no longer exists, or currently lacks today. Still managed to escape though. I hardly ever have nightmares anymore, but when I do, they are philosophical. This page gets 20-30 hits a day. If you were bitten by a lizard in your dream, such a dream might be a sign of grave financial difficulties in the near future, which, fortunately, won’t last long. I suppose not. I’ve been unusually stressed and frustrated due to personal reasons, situations in everyday life. Then I dream about the dinosaurs again. Mostly, though I have pretty boring dreams, I mean I am fully involved (none of that 3rd person observer stuff, usually and mostly when I am near waking) when I do remember them and some times I can influence them, but mostly it like life in the now. At Dream Moods, which has a page explaining animal symbols in dreams, it says this about dinosaurs: To see a dinosaur in your dream symbolizes an outdated attitude. I have died many times in my dreams. Do you feel anything else is eating you in life? I have had dinosaur dreams, chasing or not since I was little. I’m not sure if we need to know about our dreams, and I’m generally happier when I don’t remember my dreams and get a good night’s sleep. So not all bad. I wrote the essay about dinosaur dreams years ago, but in the last year, I get 40-75 hits a day on it. this is connected to the amygdala which prevents the mind from breakthroughs and change and growth and development in favor of homeostasis. Thanks again.Omg, I had a dream about a huge marshmellow man chasing me then I hid in a warehouse and climbed to top fool and saw him eye level out a window. It was ultra-groovy. May the fore be with you! James: here’s some questions for you. Hi Craig, I had a long time girlfriend dreams about dinosaur almost every night. - Attck by pressing the weapon or magic button. suddenly I feel a surge of high voltage energy in my body shooting up. That he had just gone crazy with all the grief and was hearing voices. Makes you wonder if there isn’t some kind of dream meta-language. As long as I can remember, I have dreamed heavily of dinosaurs, particularly Tyrannosaurus Rex. I find myself back in my bed lying down and I can feel like bugs crawling on me but there is nothing there. I think of the garden of EDEN and fear and it comes to me to feed the chomper it’s own tail. I do not live very far from Raleigh. I wonder what that symbolizes. I once had sex with God – he was a matronly woman, who was very grandmotherly and caring – man, the Freudians are going to go nuts over that one. I don’t worry about my dinosaur dreams. Simply answered, I don’t. The house is burned down so hiding from this T-Rex is almost impossible and I always end up exposed. I have this dream from time to time. I think dinosaurs can represent any kind of threat, but for me, I think they represent threats of a certain type. I’ve just woke up from a dinosaur dream. It was all about hiding. Still it is exciting (which baffles me since I am not the front line grunt type, so going on external rescue missions is generally not my thing, but I am a gamer *shrugs* and the brain likes to play). Dinosaurs in dreams might reveal our love for the past times and history. Game Instructions > Operating Method - Set the direction of attack by moving up and down while touching the screen. They’re always chasing and killing the people around me except for the people closest to me. Is it so hard to imagine that your unconscious mind might symbolize stress as a dinosaur? I have recurring dinosaur dreams, similar to yours. My point I was trying to get to, but the long way around, I am glad I am not the only one who dreams of them. My dinosaur dreams started around 1956-58, when I was 5-7, and before The Flintstones. I had a dream where I had escaped from Jurassic Park (or an island fall of dinosaurs like it) and when I had returned home, all the dinosaurs started taking over the rest of the world. Are these dinosaurs big scary monsters? Suddenly I was on a couch in a strange room. Game Introduction "Dinosaurs Slayer" is a defense game of guarding the castle from attacking dinasaurs. 14 Dream Interpretation Of Hiding From Someone, 7 Famous Celebrities Dream Interpretation. Me and some of the others, have had dreams where we’re annoyed/angry that other people are attracting the dinosaurs towards us. I have dreams about T-Rex(s) and they change all the time, getting bigger, harder to kill/attack, harder to hide from, along with different locations. I have had one dinosaur dream before, and then one last night. hi , The dinosaur found me but couldnt eat me from within. I had this weird dream last night that my lg 2 n I gave birth to a lb as well so taking my daughter to nursery n my son turns in to a T-Rex that starts to kill people n try to kill me n my little girl but we escaped in the slowest n smallest Car possibly driving n driving every one painicking the T. rex is still chasing me n my lg n killing anyone who got in the way If you had this type of a dream, it is a sign that you don’t want to forget your past completely. I think it’s safe to say I felt a little exhausted when I woke up this morning…. I tend to think that means we’re afraid that other people are getting us into danger. The dream back then was somewhat different, a more science fictional version, because people were protected from the dinosaurs by force fields. (male, 18 years old) Dream Analysis: Dreaming of ancient animals like dinosaurs, in general, like the mother, especially the mother who cares for you at all times. To see a dinosaur in your dream, symbolizes an outdated attitude. Wish there was a better explanation than this. I think you do. Is it something that I should be worried? ❤️. I’m not sure I’d want to live without civilization. Over the years I’ve died in my dreams. In real life, I have an extreme fear of dinosaurs. I believe dinosaur dreams are about anxieties. The last sex dream I had was when I was kid and oddly a virgin, not so much since then unless you count smooching in one which also was the only time I have ever flown in a dream. We left the mountains and walked to a … Really? My question is whether people were having these type of dreams before Spielberg’s Jurassic Park!? Dinosaurs in my dreams are scary, never cute. I could do this. thata when I heard the voice behind the door and unlocked it. Even though you are not a biologist, humans tend to be very aware of what is happening in the animal world. I fear the fall of the civilization and technology I need to live (I have an ostomy, so without plastics tech I die) and if anything my dreams are nothing more than that fear being the basis for why my dreams are like they are. -house situation. If the dinosaur is enormous, be careful because you will soon face great difficulties. I have had dinosaurs in my dreams and they aren’t really pleasant,and those dreams i recollect are mostly well formed and monstrous dinosaurs in a bizzare high tech environment though i still havent got eaten up by them yet.It may be a deep imprint , a primordial and instinct forming memory from our deep Mammalian ancestors to avoid those predatory monsters plus all the works of dino pop culture, i guess them tree shrews were afraid of microraptors etc. I was running with some people and tried to help them then I decided, going to the top floor will keep me safe so I called few with me and pressed the elevator button for 17th floor and reached the building. We are not slavishly following society’s values by accident. It's Wonderful! I love post-apocalyptic science fiction, but I’m not sure I’d want to live in such a world, or even dream about it. SOME STUFF HAVE COME UP RECENTLY FROM THE PAST…WHAT A COINCIDENCE.LOVE IT . We would shut our blinds so that he couldn’t see us and as long as we were quiet, he wouldn’t try to attack the house. My sex dreams are becoming more and more rare, and always surprised me when they happen now. As I lay on the ground the dinosaur started sniffing the ground like a vacuum cleaner and I knew I was doomed. I have no professional experience. I don’t remember if the fear was of heaven or continued existence after death. Later on, when I saw The Flintstones, the pit we worked in reminded me of this show. Nothing seems obvious, but I don’t know you. Dinosaurs in dreams are a symbol of the past. I haven’t had much interpreting these dreams. Where classic films are very much alive! I’ve had random ones too. I don’t remember being taught about dinosaurs in school, or even reading about them. When you kill a dinosaur in a dream, this vision symbolizes how you get rid of the past to focus on the future. I have had dreams where the raptors were also in the house, but would dissolve into black bones at the front door. Is there a solution or suggestion to prevent dinosaur dreams? Wonder what outdated thinking patterns I’m holding on to?! I went outside and did whatever I could to prevent them attacking people, including stomping on one j-croc’s head. --- WB Yeats, Reading the American tradition from an anarchist perspective, Speculations on the Future: Science, Technology and Society, Peter Webscott's travel and photography blog. You may need to discard your old ways of thinking and habits. To see a dinosaur in your dream represents an all powerful fear. I treat them as fictions my brain creates to keep it amused while the body (weak ass that is) catches up on its needed rest. Hunkering down and being quiet sounds rather cowardly to me in waking life. Weird, right? Another was of a T-Rex and I got it trapped in a barn. My basic assumption is the dinosaurs in our dreams are stand-ins for stresses in our life. I am so glad i found this post. If you dream of being attacked by a dinosaur, you are struggling to change and become a different kind of person. Last night the action was still taking place at my mother’s house (for the most part). If the dinosaur who pursues in the dream is very large and mighty, this can be understood as an indication that the dreaming in the awake life would like to avoid certain difficulties. I felt disappointed that I did not receive positive feedback from family but when I tried to continue with my speech suddenly walls and ceiling formed around me to cut me off from my audience. Uhhh. I can’t believe how many people dream dinosaur dreams. Hello sir I don’t know if your Gonna read this but I always had these dreams of my dad getting killed by a t-Rex I think I started having these dreams at my first house that I lived in when I was in my childhood and know I am 14 a teen I still have these dreams I think it got worst I see my dad getting blown up and torn apart it’s scary I try not to fall asleep but i do and right know I woke up I sleep a lot I try to escape the real world I even tell myself that if I have the same dream again I will kill the t-Rex I did twice but I am scared it’s embarrassing to say this i am always trying to act tough even tho I am not I try to change but I can’t I don’t know how I don’t like asking for help because I feel weak and I am, I cry a lot also when I lived at my first house my parents Always fought a lot all the time everyday every week the whole year it was scary I would always my mom hit my dad and saying I am going to leave I was so scared i was scared to lose my dad and see him hurt !.