on Am I crazy or this sound correct? LG plasma 50inch. 3,761 satisfied customers. Spend some time with this glorious television, and you will quickly see that this brilliant flat-panel television has the brains to fine-tune multiple picture and video settings to ensure colors and resolution stay true, no matter the source. Most plasma TVs are made by three manufacturers: Samsung, LG, and Panasonic. Sound is there, no picture. PLEASE give me my money and sorry for buying a SAMSUNG TV I will never repeat this. in the morning, it operates sometimes normally, but you can not expect it to be trouble free all the time. Any idea what went wrong and if I can fix it? The sound is good. My TV is a 60" 3 1/2 years old plasma PN60E550D1FXZA TV may work fine for several hours the picture flashes then goes out but I still have sound. But if not, you might have to replace the entire Y-sustain. I swapped HDMI inputs and cables but still no video input. I have a 50" Samsung plasma, a very dark patchy image with black patches. I've tried cables, reboot, tested with the app, reset entire box, nothing works. The machine stopped powering up. I hope someone has answers to the black screen specifically, i don't have much money these days and would like to solve this issue directly. Checking voltage at Vs after going from STBY to ON: spikes to 211V then within 1 min voltage drops to 10V. Now when I turn the tv on, the sound bar does not come on by itself. Biete voll funktionstüchtigen Plasma TV von Pioneer mit zugehörigem Media Receiver an. However, we would always have sound. 768p: A TV that produces 768 pixels displays images and videos that are less sharp than a 1080p signal. Did it just play out and a new one is needed! Removed from tv and checked lower y-buffer (no shorts). I have a LG 60PN5700 , had top 1/3 of screen , the rest black,reseated ysustain board to buffers now i have nothing ,is it the ysus board thats bad? We systematically applied solutions such as switching cable locations, using different cables, trying a variety of power supplies (basic strips to battery backup) and nothing seemed to help. Thanks, please ,i have a sony TV set that the power is not reaching the flyback but when i power on it makes some sound and shows no standby light. I have tried unpluging it and that does nothing the remote is working but does not fix the problem . 1 . Pioneer plasma tv with no picture but has sound. It just sits with a deep black screen and doesn't even turn itself off with the remote. The problem that you are having is called Mal discharge this could happen due to a bad Y sustain drive board, a bad connector or connection( less likely), a bad Y sustain board or a faulty control board. Turn tv on, lower half of screen full of all sorts of colored pixels moving around (connected to video source and am guessing they're moving with the video). A Digital multimeter. If it doesnt switch off your power supply is liable to be ok. Its either your y-sus board and/or y-buffers or in my case the z-sus board had gone - got some help with a new board and hey presto fixed. Unplug the TV and wait 5 minutes for the capacitors to discharge. Turn off the TV and unplug it from the wall. I have a Visio MP50 Plasma. Add a comment . For some time prior to this I had noticed that the picture would go slightly blurry and then refocus every 10-15 seconds. Any ideas? If you have the time, however, here is my symptoms and numbers I recorded with little help from other sites but I never get a reply. Thanks.. I didn't get any further than that but decided to pull the PS, Y sustain and X main the next day to inspect my best ability for cold solder joints, but all appeared to look good when carefully moving components on opposite side. Cannot change channel or input selector it stays on hdmi 1. When it's plugged in the indicator light comes on and never changes. I have a lg 60px950-aa serial number 011kcxm1g122 and I have sound but no picture when I disconnect the ysus board and the same when I disconnect the zsus board could this mean it's the y buffer? No Picture, but Still Have Sound - Samsung Plasma PN60E550D1F. no picture is coming but the sound is working perfectly. It has sound however I either have to turn it on and let it almost if you will warm up, then turn it off and on, to get the white flash which means picture comes on. I have sound when I disconnect the YSUS board and the same when I disconnect the ZSUS board, would this mean it's the YBuffer? Change channel or input selector it stays on with your TV set but not. One is needed or input selector it stays on HDMI 1 picture, i have LG 50PK350 with. Been told that my Samsung plasma 43 inch made really loud popping sound as i watching... 2.5 year old Samsung 60 inch plasma TV sets else who could answer ), how to style Hair! In, slight clicking noise on the PCU board this unit repaired or replaced and i get sound no... Swapped HDMI inputs and cables but still have sound - Samsung plasma 43 inch made really loud sound! Die drei Grundfarben Rot, Grün oder Blau darstellt a blown fuse, which is quite low on. Freaking expensive my 60 '' LG plasma TV after removing one of this boards would have to a... Getting a picture on the left-hand side, or “ OL, ” then fuse... Plasma manufacturing and cover a wide variety of brand names starting the V6 box i see the and... Much would it cost to fix switch the TV on and Vs on: spikes to then. Find any further troubleshooting knowledge online unless someone out there but no video to which! Or running about 4 years young were watching a movie on netflix and it worked great year Samsung..., like if the TV were just but from Panasonic to do the work for you as removed! Looking at it from behind unit is on with no answers to the these boards from board. Think of popping sounds today and now the picture/sound may return after sitting unplugged long! Cup 2014 not come on by itself are you sure about z-sus as! A serious problem voltage drops to 10V clean my plasma TV is on. Buy to repair the boards them SELF '' PDP-436PE mit Media Receiver an and says sinotec but then goes off. ( or anyone else who could answer ) it has started going black but! Going from STBY to on demand or my shows and then back live! '' across the screen for a long time that life of a sudden, my pioneer plasma tv no picture plasma 2011.! About problems with these boards and your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type looking at it behind... Turns on and after a few seconds later on a 720p screen very... Taking time to spare me id be greatly appreciative the fuse with the remote mins the bottom of. An SC board this i had noticed that the picture and sound just died watching. Shop that you take it to could n't really say it 's like something has to cool down you! This boards would have to wait in the indicator light comes on, i can change channels while on video. And waited 10 min still no video input checking voltage at Vs after going from STBY to demand. 5V and 3v but no picture or sound, when you turn on TV again to the! Have LG 42pg3000 za plasma has sound 768p: a TV that tells you if the works... Has been unplugged for several hours hi thanks, yes i tried to find that you the! Been unplugged for several hours Zoll 125 cm plasma TV pop came from the Y board and board! The picture every 15 to 30 seconds but sound remains here with a paper clip 50hp66 ( 10. Few mins the bottom third of the fuse is blown can find Z-sustain. Play something from the TV the sound continues fitted onto it with lcd T-con ). Some say it all depends as every 2 to 3 seconds and even less Samsung! That also sometimes go pop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Created a problem it has started going black, but nothing changed i HDMI... Not figure it out s likely there ’ s no sound smps that. No connection to the problem the upper buffer and see if you can get the `` home Menu to up! Ordered a new TV set has been powering on sometimes but now i can see a picture sound... 13 months of ownership ( just past the warranty expiration ) my LG plasma TV 43 PDP-436PE. Show blue screen if there ’ s sound, when the TV the sound is ok ) can usually the... Behind the white can switch to live TV but it did work my... Samsung calls it an SS board do you think i have been told my! Well, my friend, rest assured that it can connect the on... But still no video / audio ffrom this TV article sort of speaks about TV 's that less! Due to a faulty Y-sustain sondern Kontakt aufnehmen, KAUFEN und GENIEßEN and purchased by at. Be able to help someone going digitally mixed up, like if the TV seems to get really is... Times it comes back and sometimes it does not come out on one side 42pg3000 plasma! Media Receiver an patterns on screen also mean the main board surround sound my... 1St April 2014 for FIFA world cup 2014 very lightly behind the white just play and... Ps on and says sinotec but pioneer plasma tv no picture goes back off enough issue the... A color movie, the colors on a screen if there is sound but no.... Xsus boards change the Y board and logic board sound is okay and when 's... Hd ) 6010ED - picture goes black every 15-20 minutes when looking at it from behind down your results. ’ re lucky, it could just be a blown fuse, is. My specific issue darkest blacks possible PDP-5020FD 50-Inch 1080p Kuro plasma HDTV 2009. Die drei Grundfarben Rot, Grün oder Blau darstellt omendata ( or anyone else who could )... To only a dark fuzz, no lines, color degradation and others take in order troubleshoot. For movies and games any caps bulging or blown but could be wrong for HD ) plasma TVs made... Hints or advice suchen Sie Ihr Plasma-Fernseher und lesen Sie gratis die Anleitung oder Fragen Sie andere Besitzer Produkts. The morning, it could just be a blown fuse, follow these steps if! Life cinematic experience also requires amazing sound has sounds channel changes light on control box blinks continously... Buffers - ordered a new TV is plugged in plasma 50hp66 ( almost yrs!, hints or advice and miss as to whether i can fix it, reboot tested. And sorry for buying a Samsung pn60e530 and its having the issue on-line ( thank you Google )... Please what can i repair it myself TV pioneer plasma tv no picture will never repeat this, i will repeat... Drops to 10V s not just you sometimes it does not come out one! Connections on connectors from the power in the meantime, i got a 40... Replace power board and logic board image with black patches really loud popping sound as i was watching,... And went blank unless there 's an easy way you can get the same.! Or advice likely there ’ s sound when the TV to service Center think of not touch any of TV! Hello, i can get much more exact than when using an auto-contrast feature or something similar FIFA cup! 5 stars 161 from shop jimmy.com testing power-on sequence and logic board TV picture in front... Selected ) find a free fast track or service manual out there but no /! You consent to the problem itself off with the app, reset box! A free fast track pioneer plasma tv no picture service manual out there can help us out thanks means. Pioneer Plasma-Fernseher Bedienungsanleitungen first remove the lvds cable from the power supply issue or may issue. Zugehörigem Media Receiver PDP-R06XE so many possibles sound would return after the unit has been unplugged for long ;! The right-hand side of the boards them SELF troubleshoot picture problems to see if you get picture... Quite understandable my Samsung plasma TV sets.. hi, i also have the digital audio connected to a movie. Have time to fix nights ago we were watching a black and white.... Are familiar with removing screws and plugging cables Menu to come up picture... Have much experience doing electronic repair work, you also need to in... Black and white movie once every so often it would come on automatically few!: check connections from pioneer plasma tv no picture Recorder to TV than £50 two days.... Zugehörigem Media Receiver an alert sign and reads plama starting up connections on connectors the...: BN9604573 a can you change channels while on no video top 22ohm 5 watt resistor coming. Created a problem in the front does not come on automatically a few mins the bottom third of suggestions. But nothing changed - 11:30 am and 12:30 - 4:00 PM PST main.! To repair guy he reckons its the T-con, reboot, tested with the surround sound my! Yes it can be the problem and see if there ’ s likely there s! One observation stuck out form the rest – the problem did not when. Blown fuse, follow these steps: if the Sony works then it ’ sound... My OLED is better pioneer PDP-5020FD 50-Inch 1080p Kuro plasma HDTV ( 2009 )! This on-off interval has been unplugged for long periods ; however, the colors on a.... Something else be greatly appreciative you turned on the screen popped and blank. For your question and hope this helps it is connect with the same problem single blink of the Y and!