Provide a brief cost/benefit analysis as to the merits of the project. (Films designated by Premiere Magazine (July/Aug 2006 issue) as 50 Greatest Comedies of All Time) See also AFI's 10 Top 10 - The Top 10 Romantic Comedy Films and WGA's 101 Funniest Screenplays of … In this case, "High" does not mean "High Brow" or "High Intelligence", nor does it mean something that only sounds good when you're stoned. Ninety percent (90%) of writers fail because their concept just isn’t strong enough. Street Football—2 on 2! Scene: Cage Drops In Scene. But you must still be able to convey the high concept or main idea of these stories effectively to whomever you're pitching. The premise or logline is the core of High Concept. This is why high-concept books make such good films when adapted. "High" means big, exciting, larger than life. Typically a high concept script is easy to sum up in a few words and will be easy for even children to understand. They are commonly used in the early planning stages of businesses, brands, products, programs, projects and designs. Comedies (especially R-rated and romantic comedies), action films, some horror, disaster movies, etc – these are the projects that are most often high concept. The conclusion of an essay may be the toughest section to write. Edge of Tomorrow. - High Angle: a shot from slightly above - Low Angle: a shot from slightly below - Sideview Angle: a shot that is taken perpendicular to the object, person(s), or scene that is staged - Dutch Angle: a tilted shot that is not aligned to the normal horizon. A Summary of the Short Story "Miss Brill" by Katherine Mansfield "'Miss Brill' is the story of an old woman told brilliantly and realistically, balancing thoughts and emotions that sustain her late solitary life amidst all the bustle of modern life. In defining High Concept, we talk about the premise of your story, not what happens in Acts 1, 2 and 3. High concept films contain a twist on someone or something recognizable. High concept is a story with a unique and concise premise that can be described (see: pitched) in 3 sentences or less. Auteur directors generally have a distinctive style from film-to-film and often fill other roles besides directing including: writing, editing, and sometimes acting in their own films. Really cool concept, but most of the characters are insufferable, the writing was pretty bland, the plot broke its own logic at times, and the story didn't really do anything THAT interesting with the ideas it presented. From sponsored magazine articles to online webisodes, music videos to short films, this kind of content is so entertaining, informative and engaging that consumers are happy to view and share it of their own volition. We could’ve called this step “Add Antagonist,” but that would be to skip over an essential factor in creating great loglines: the pressure the protagonist is put under while struggling with the antagonist. 19+ Examples of Process Essays; 19+ History Essay Writing Examples; Critical essay is a form of academic writing. I thought of these as writing prompts for adults, but I've learned that some teenage… This is the reason why films like "Pulp Fiction," "Star Wars" and "Sideways" could never be sold from a pitch. Worth a watch. The term "self-care" has been thrown around a lot lately since it's become en vogue to discuss the nice things you do for yourself in the name of being your own best nurturer. A culture with more individuals who score high in emotional intelligence would see less violence and dysfunction. A High Concept is a bare-bones description of the premise of a proposed movie, show, or whatever, used to pitch it to a producer or an audience. A Sample High Concept Document The following is an old high concept document for a simple console or arcade game. However, some of them could be used in other genres, such as mystery, fantasy, science fiction, and romantic suspense. This post was originally titled "50 High-Stakes Plot Ideas," but I realized that most of these were thriller novel plot ideas. It was written before the currently popular “extreme” sports games existed, so although this game was never made, some of its ideas did find their way into other games. So, the temptation is there to simply rush through it, and hope that your teacher is exhausted once she gets to your paper and doesn't bother to read it fully. level 2. It includes an argumentative thesis that summarizes the author’s main point. Examples of High Emotional Intelligence in Leadership. Possesses a clear emotional focus: Like imagery, high-concept ideas spark emotion, but not just any emotion, usually it is a primal emotion: fear, joy, hate, love, rage, etc. • $3,000 in contributions will be gathered from donations by family members and friends. The Water Front, and 5. Film Films are expensive to make and are usually created with commercial goals. If you have a perfectly constructed logline that genuinely taps into the essence of what your film is all about, then its meaning should resonate on every page of your script. Step 2: Johnny is made to stand in front of the classroom, for at least 5 seconds.Then he is reinforced. It is the goal of most movie makers to make films that are stylish, attractive, and use high quality special effects in combination with exotic locations. Movie Story board Examples 7. 5 years ago. - Subjective Camera: a shot from the perspective of one of the actors The Conflict in Syria On August 2, 2012, former U.N. secretary general Kofi Annan, another of the world’s most famous negotiators, announced he was resigning as the special peace envoy of the United Nations and the Arab League to the conflict in Syria. Step 1: Shy Johnny is made to stand from his bench.This is the first action that is reinforced. Think about it; you're really tired at this point. Modern music videos are primarily made and used as a marketing device intended to promote the sale of music recordings.There are also cases where songs are used in tie-in marketing campaigns that allow them to become more than just a song. In honor of this special time, our team at A Small Good Thing has compiled an exciting list of films that shed light on social work, social workers, and the important themes and issues that social workers devote themselves to every day. The French word auteur literally translates to the english, “author.” Within the context of cinema, the word auteur is used to describe a director who exerts a high level of control across all aspects of a film. Top Negotiation Examples #2. Think of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter or Cowboys & Aliens. Films recognized as high culture are often independent films that were produced for the sake of storytelling.Producing such a work requires talent and deep enculturation in areas such as film making, direction, acting, storytelling and cinematography. They appreciate the chance to apply sociology to their regular lives. For the last five years, VFX-savvy filmmakers trying to break through the Hollywood logjam have been making proof-of-concept short films to communicate their ideas for original sci-fi movies. Sometimes these proof of concept films go on to become big budget films such as Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, 300, Sin City and District 9. In just the last few months, we’ve seen a lot of proof of concept films get studio backing. This culture would instead see higher levels of cooperation and human connection. Internet of Things (loT) first surfaced in the year 1999 when a Kevin Ashton a British entrepreneur while working in lab came up with the concept of it. Happy Social Work Month everyone! 20 years forward to that incident, researchers quote that by 2020 the world will be using nearly 50 billion of devices that are governed by Internet of things. A High Concept work is one that can be explained with a short, to-the-point, and (it is to be hoped) intriguing description; one that can sell on its own merits. ... high concept films. Ernest W. Adams High Concept It's probably the night before your paper is due and you just want to be done. Examples of Summaries . Report Save. This storyboard shows a scene where Cage drops from the ship into battle. Low concept is a story that puts focus on the world and characters surrounding the plot, instead of the plot itself. The recognizable element gived it an element of believability even if it’s an unbelievable concept. Considering that the expected readers of these documents are busy people or entrepreneurs to be specific, it would be extremely impractical to read the whole business plan and only to discover its poor content at its 50th page. Students use the movie clips to pull out examples of each theory/concept. A concept statement is an idea that gives a strategy, plan or design its meaning, purpose, direction and depth. Identify the expected source of funding and provide budget estimates on the high side of the expectation. Character development is kept to a minimum, instead A-list actors are used to capture the audiences attention. It would also contain textual evidences that can support the interpretation and serve as supporting information to give credibility to the assumptions. Here is the list of the best logline examples for feature films that became box office hits. Oftentimes the best films and the ones that consistently win Academy Awards each year, come from the most interesting, emotional and historical backgrounds. One increasingly popular strategy is to use branded content. The high concept film represents the economically invested interests of Hollywood, as the high concept film is produced to be highly marketable. 26+ Concept Statement Examples & Samples in PDF Business plans are extensive and require a longer time to read. Where so many other films try to make everything look heroic, this film does a great job of showing how random battle can be. Goal: To teach Johnny to speak in front of the classroom. Remember, high concept movies are simply taking an original idea and putting a twist on it. Such films can't typically be considered high culture. To help you understand how this concept is applied to daily life, I asked Dr. Kristen Lee — "Dr. Kris" — to give us her working definition. Films with a higher budget will usually have a high production value, because of the greater investment of resources. Books with cinematic imagery are almost always high-concept stories. An overview of concept statements with detailed examples. With Hollywood simply being a profit seeking business, the high concept film provided an assurance of box office revenue in a time when the industry was in decline. Pink Ribbons, Inc. How to write a logline step #2: add struggle with antagonist. A solid 2 out of 5. Watch our video below to find out more about High & Low concept … Step 3: Now, Johnny must stand in front of the class and say “Hello” before being reinforced. The fact that these abilities can be cultivated and nurtured is an exciting concept. A music video is a short film, of variable length, that integrates a song or album with imagery that is produced for promotional or artistic purposes. 13. share. High Concept films can usually be summed up in a single sentence or a single image.