We have been rebuilding diesel injection pumps and injectors since 1979. These include ensuring personal safety, avoiding damaging a fuel line, and eliminating air from the system. 7 S 0 P O N S O A R P A 7 E E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1. into the skin, it must be surgically removed within a few hours by Place the throttle in side open position while bleeding the injectors only. On DENSO pump shown, unscrew hand primer on fuel supply pump 300 rpm (wot): with supply pump on, unscrew advance cap 4 turns to allow fuel to bleed for 30 seconds. Anytime fuel lines have been disconnected. Simultaneously stroke the hand primer down and close the filter in reply to 2x4, 10-23-2013 20:27:30 Best idea is to check around online. up. If it runs this way too long it will destroy the pins on the 2 steel parts. Tech Tip #226: Caterpillar to Perkins Cross Reference. Factory New pumps or rebuild service for your old pump Model # Part Number Cust Part # Engine(s) Application(s) Stanadyne Changshu Corporation 155# Huangshan Road Southeast Economy … Air Bleed Vent Screws (Final Filter at Left, Primary 2--Distributor Rotor. Primer lever is spring loaded and will return to normal position. Move the engine speed control lever to half throttle position. The MW, A, and P fuel injection pumps are equipped with an engine-side fuel return line. Do not use your hand. If ANY fluid is injected When fuel flows freely from the fuel inlet line, tighten the fuel inlet line at the injection pump. ... the hand primer to bleed the air from the system. 1--Drive Shaft. Tighten bleed screw. Hand Primer . Retighten connection to 27 N˙m (20 lb-ft). Pump several times until full flow, without air bubbles, escapes from the bleed plug holes. The throttle shaft goes through the pump, and on the passenger side of pump is a rocker-arm, which when throttle is increased, pushes a small plunger into the pump housing. The Perkins fuel lift pump primer can only be used up to the pump. We stock and have ready to ship exchange units that eliminate down time. I have a 2856 with the D407 engine and the Stanadyne/Roosa Master injection pump. GM 1982-2000 6.2 & 6.5 Diesel Fuel Injection Pumps . engine) as far as it will go. Start and dies, stalling . Stanadyne Amalgamations Private Ltd. 96, Aranvayal Village Poonamalle-Thiruvallur High Road (Near Pratyusha Engg College) Thiruvallur District- 602025, India. p0370 (timing reference) is generally referring to the PMD or the electronics behind the optical sensor. John Deere Fuel Injection Pump Repair & Installation. 400 rpm (wot): a. check shut-off: 4 mm³/stroke max. It disintigrates and contaminates the pump. The Pump Mounted Driver (PMD) aka Fuel Solenoid Driver (FSD) need to be functional. to “ON”. Install the fuel supply and the fuel return lines, reinstalling the overflow valve in the position noted. Loosen the filter outlet connection (A), or the fuel injection pump inlet connection … Stanadyne DB-JDB and DB2 Pump Removal and Installation . retorque cap to 455-505 in./lbs. reducing the cost and complexity of the pump. Call us also if you need help with your injectors or fuel pump. On engines equipped with electronic fuel shut-off solenoid, energize All Stanadyne DB4 and most DB2 injection pumps will have a retained drive shaft (shaft stays in the pump when pump is removed from engine). Tighten bleed screw securely, continue operating hand primer until pumping action is not felt. until pumping action is not felt. Roosa Master / Stanadyne Diesel Injection Pump seal kit 24370 for DB2 automotive I did read here a post from Gastrap here is the post There's a rubber ring that holds the governor basket onto its drive plate. If engine does not start, it will be necessary to bleed air from fuel system at fuel injection pump or injection nozzles as explained next. Delco Diesel Services, Inc. is an Authorized Stanadyne Service Dealer, all of the pumps shown are the specific pump listed. By submitting this form, you are consenting to receive marketing emails from: Foley Engines, 200 Summer Street, Worcester, MA, 01604, US, http://www.foleyengines.com. It's hard to see the plate, as the plate is pointing downward, but it looks like the Injection pump is a: Stanadyne DB2-4455 (Could be D82-4455) Tighten bleed plug securely, continue operating hand primer Start through with the lower nipple directly below this one. If all else fails, use a primer ball (same thing that’s on your outboard motor’s fuel line.) 9. Power to build ties to engine users. Stanadyne DB, JDB and older DB2 model injection pumps will have a non-retained drive shaft (shaft stays in engine when pump is removed) If the injection ... the hand primer to bleed the air from the system. Only open two injectors at a time while turning the engine during bleeding – or open the bleed screw if they have one (Perkins do not) – starting with the one nearest the high pressure pump. B. We have this special section called “Ask Dr. Diesel™” where you can pose questions about engines, transmissions, industrial hand clutches, exhaust scrubbers, etc. Modern high pressure Perkins and other diesel fuel systems are easy to work on if you follow three basics. Operate fuel supply pump primer lever until fuel, without air CAUTION: NEVER loosen screw (C) securing pump head, otherwise Insert the primer ball into the injector outlet line and pump the fuel through the system. p0251 (Injection Pump Fuel Metering Control) is the generic OBDII code that gets reported when the Stanadyne Injector pump can't read the optical sensor properly. Filter with Separator Bowl at Right). ECM or Fuel Solenoid Fuses. It was the smallest, simplest fuel injection pump the world had … until it can be pulled by hand. Huckstorf Diesel is a Stanadyne authorized dealer. 2. Use the priming lever on the transfer pump until clear fuel comes out. Then … Over $1,500.00 - apply Price filter. 17--Supply Pump Inlet. CD30771-UN-24SEP99. sl-222) do not remove drive hub (ref. The other week I changed one of the brass fittings on the return line T at the top of the pump because it was cracked and leaking. 5. pump calibration checks: as received for service (ref. The fuel flow for the DB4 four-plunger pump is the same with the exception of the charging of two additional plungers. port plug. IMPORTANT: Do not operate the engine at high speeds or full s.b. Jiangsu Province P. Italia Stanadyne Amalgamations Private Ltd. Www.com Stanadyne SpA Via Matteotti. pump. s.b. Knowledge is power. $750.00 to $1,500.00 - apply Price filter. You can revoke your consent to receive emails at any time by using the unsubscribe link, found at the bottom of every email. We also have complete Lucas Workshop Manuals in stock. Diesel Systems Division, Stanadyne Automotive Corp. 92 Deerfield Road, Windsor, CT 06095, U.S.A. Tel: (860) 525-0821; Fax: (860) 683-4581 Ever since the early 1950’ s … Insert the primer ball into the injector outlet line and pump the fuel through the system. Want to learn more? + Update your shipping location 7 S 0 P O N S O A R P A 7 E E D-1-1 … The 6.2L and 6.5L GM engines have had many different pump models over the years. 12--Governor Weights. The operating principles of an opposed plunger pump can be understood more readily by following the fuel circuit during a complete pump cycle. Pump the priming lever on the fuel lift pump until fuel spurts out without any air bubbles. Those parts are starting to … 115. Don’t settle for less!